IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal - California State Board Certification

This program conforms to the State Board of Vocational Nurses criteria for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal certification. Upon successful completion, LVN's will receive lifetime state licensure. RN's may attend to update their skills and knowledge, however state certification for RN's is now recommended.

Course Topics:

  • Basic IV Theory
  • Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Lab Value Interpretation
  • TPN and Fluid Administration
  • Medications & Dose calculations
  • Drip Rate calculations
  • IV & Central Line Devices, Tubing and Adaptors
  • Blood Transfusions & Reactions
  • "Care and Feeding", maintaining a patient's IV site
  • Blood withdrawal techniques, straight needle and butterfly
  • 3 live Venipunctures and blood withdrawals

4 Day Certification Course
36 CE Credits Issued to LVNs & RNs

Individual Rate: $350.00 ea

Currently Being Offered
January February March April May June
Sat. 1/7
Sun. 1/8
Sat. 1/14
Sun. 1/15
8am - 5:30pm
  Sat. 3/11
Sun. 3/12
Sat. 3/18
Sun. 3/19
8am - 5:30pm
    Sat. 6/3
Sun. 6/4
Sat. 6/10
Sun. 6/11
8am - 5:30pm

For the LVN or RN who wants to refresh their skills, attend the last 2 days of class.

2 Day Course
16 CE Credits Issued
IV Skills Update: $175.00 ea

For the LVN or RN who wants to practice Venipuncture Only.
Please call to arrange a time.

4 Hours
4 CE Credits Issued
IV Skills Update: $100.00 ea

A word about IV Therapy and State Certification

For those of you familiar with our courses, you will see that our class times have changed for IV Therapy. This change was mandated by the state. They will no longer accept home study time as counting towards the minimum 29 hr. of lecture and 7 hr. of clinical time. The State will no longer accept Computer Based Training (i.e. YouTube type instruction) time toward the minimum requirements, so please be very careful when selecting your course provider. Note: Because of COVID the State does accept live online instruction (i.e. Zoom) as an alternative to classroom instruction.